”Your home should be the antidote to stress, not the cause of it.” – Peter Walsh

Spring is officially here! (Well, at PartyLite it is!) It’s time to lighten up and give your home a fresh makeover and there’s no better way to add a little springtime than through fragrance. Our Spring 2024 fragrances do not disappoint. With 12 NEW scents (plus one ‘from the Vault’ scent), you’re sure to find a favorite (or two!).

Grab a cuppa (in your favorite fun mug of course!) while I take you through our lineup for this season.

This year we’re ready to reconnect with the wider world, with nature, and with each other. Spring inspires an optimism and a deeper connection to the natural world. This Spring is especially hopeful and playful, with a hint of nostalgia as we reconnect with our youthful selves.

With our “Magic in the Mediterranean” Collection, we’re exhilarated by mouth-watering flavors and bright colors as we escape the ‘everyday’ and go on a fun adventure through the magic of fragrance.

With our “Farm to Fragrance” Collection, we find comfort through connecting with nature by harnessing the goodness of wildflowers and fresh produce for a grounded and relaxed mindset.

Have you heard of Forest Bathing? A Japanese practice known as shinrin yoku, it simply means taking in, in all of one’s senses, the forest atmosphere. Being calm and quiet among the trees, observing nature around you while breathing deeply can naturally help de-stress and boost well-being. Last Spring we introduced our Forest Bathing Collection and this year we have four brand new Forest Bathing scents. Forest Bathing 2.0 if you will! 😉 (Bonus: they’re Woodwick jars!)

There are many returning spring favorites of course – Honeydew, Dragon Fruit Zest, Garden Mint, Sangria Sunset (one of my personal favorites!) and many more, plus the following brand new scents:

The “Magic in the Mediterranean” Collection:

  • Capri Limoncello – Wild mint leaves, vanilla, and musk infuse zesty Sorrento lemons to capture the romance of a vacation in Capri.
  • Blood Orange Bellini – Sparkling Prosecco, juicy blood oranges, and a splash of vanilla are stirred into an indulgent Italian adventure.
  • Pomegranate Granita – Jewel-like pomegranate, luscious orange, and frozen raspberry combine in an enchanting Greek Island escape.
  • Mango Italiano – Sunny mango and bright mandarin orange meet rich, creamy coconut to make some Mediterranean magic.

The “Farm to Fragrance” Collection:

  • Sweet Citrus & Daisy – Sweet clementine and grapefruit join cheery marguerite daisies to create sunshine in full bloom.
  • Pink Poppies & Plum – Blush-pink poppies blend with wild red plum and bold black currant in nature-inspired harmony.
  • Blackberries & Basil – A fresh-from-the-farm offering of just-picked blackberries and basil enriched with golden vanilla.
  • Cucumber & Aloe – Crunchy garden cucumber, succulent aloe leaf, and dewy melon provide a refreshing way to go green.

The NEW “Forest Bathing” Collection:

  • Off the Grid – Cedarwood & Oakmoss
  • Tree of Life – Forest Fern & Fig
  • Forest Therapy – Cypress & Mountain Air
  • Solo Hike – Mountain Flora & Air

Last but not least, our “Bring back from the Vault” scent for this season is none other than Tropical Waters! Return to a tropical get-away where bright blue coconut waters cascade over juicy lemon slices.

What are some of your favorite springtime fragrances? Which scents take you back to your childhood memories? Be sure to hit the Contact button above and let me know! Don’t hesitate to reach out and request a sample!

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🕯 Happy (PartyLite) Spring! 🕯