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3 (or 4) Things You May Not Know About PartyLite

One of my favorite things I love about  PartyLite is that, as a long-time fragrance lover, I appreciate the large variety of fragrance choices and the care they take to get them just right.

But here are a few more of my favorite things about PartyLite that you may or may not know:

  • The history! Although PartyLite as we now know it began in 1973, we grew from Colonial Candle of Cape Cod which began in 1908, so we’re working with over 100 years of candle-making expertise!
  • PartyLite’s BePure Commitment ensures that you’re getting a clean burning candle with a ‘No No List’ of over 40 harmful ingredients that we will never include in our candles. (And no testing on animals!)
  • We have four flameless fragrance options available for  fragrance lovers who do not want to burn candles! Something for everyone!

I could probably name way more reasons I love this company, but these are my favorites!

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