”Your home should be the antidote to stress, not the cause of it.” – Peter Walsh

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I’m Terri Pollanger, a 60-something coffee drinking (always in a fun mug!) book lover who’s been in the direct sales industry for over 30 years. In recent years as things shift more and more online, I’m thrilled to be able to expand my product offerings by partnering with different companies whose missions align with my own. Whether you’re looking for ways to freshen up your space with fragrance (my top choice for a cozy home!), or just add a few seasonal touches, you’re in the right place. I’m all about keeping it simple and I can’t wait to support you in creating a calming oasis right in your own home! (Your home should be the antidote to stress, am I right? 😉)

Current Product Info.

Fragrance can evoke memories, enhance our mood, and even enhance our well-being. I’ve always loved scented candles and once I tried PartyLite I was hooked. I’m thrilled to also be able to offer you candles from Colonial Candle of Cape Cod, which is where PartyLite began! Ask me for more info. – I love to share the history!

From seasonal decor to organizational products, Signature HomeStyles has everything you need to turn your space into “home, sweet home.” (We even have a line of coffee!)

I love Creative Memories’ mission of preserving memories in a fun and creative way, using the finest scrapbooking products on the market.

I love to read and although I’ve been using the library quite a bit, when I do shop for books I prefer to patronize small independent bookshops, which is why I chose to become an Affiliate with bookshop.org, an organization that gives back to independent bookstores.

You’ll notice PartyLite, Signature HomeStyles, and Creative Memories each have their own tab at the top of the site – tap the ‘Links’ tab to find the links to the other offerings as well as my Facebook groups, and check back often to see what else I’m up to as well as more blog posts!



PartyLite Fragrances

PartyLite leads the pack when it comes to creating fragrances! My candle of choice is our 3-wick jar – they burn beautifully, smell amazing, and come in a large variety of scents.

Signature HomeStyles Seasonal Decor

I fell in love with the seasonal decor from Signature. Lately I’ve been into throw pillows for seasonal decorating – festive, fun, and most importantly, simple! (How cute are these starfish pillow covers!?)

Vintage Farmhouse Collection

I love the vintage vibe of the Vintage Milk Bottle Tealight Trio! The complementing Centerpiece and Lantern shown here beautifully complement the tealight set. They’re so versatile – you can use the bottles for flowers, twinkly lights, fill with seasonal decor – the possibilities are endless. The centerpiece can be used with tealights or votives.


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